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The Museum's foundry features two Monotype Super Casters, one Monotype Composition Caster and Keyboard (yet to be commissioned) and around 700 founts of display (14pt and above) and composition ( the smaller book sizes) matrices. These matrices are used to make lead type. The addition of  10% tin and 16%antimony ensures a harder and more durable type.


Fount Schemes: The Museum uses the Monotype Standardised Fount Scheme - click on the table below.   Currently

available founts are listed on the Buy/Sell page. Alternative fount schemes and Custom Casting are available on request.

Lists of matrices from which type can be cast can be accessed by clicking  on the Display Matrix and Composition

Matrices images below.


Monotype Borders and Rules: The Museum took delivery of  nearly one hundred matrices for the casting

of Monotype borders and rules in June 2016. Many more arrived early 2020. Enquiries are welcomed.


List of  available Monotype borders and rules.


Specimen Sheets - click on the appropriate point size for pdfs.


Borders: 14pt, 18pt24pt, 36pt, 48pt

Continuous Borders: 6pt, 12pt

Rules: 2pt, 3pt, 4pt, 6pt, 8pt, 12pt


Pricing: Prices for cast founts are listed on the Buy/Sell page. Postage is extra. Members of The Printing Museum enjoy a 10%

discount. GST does not apply to overseas orders. For custom casting please enquire.


Orders to: foundry [at]


Click for List

Click for List




The Museum has a large number of  Linotype and Intertype casters. Typesetting services are available at very

competitive rates. For a LIST OF CURRENT FACES, please click on the image right.




The Museum also manufactures spacing, leading and borders. Check the Buy/Sell page or enquire above.


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Casting Type at the Foundry