Called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by Thomas Edison, the Linotype and its later improved rival the Intertype, revolutionised both printing and society.  The introduction of these machines sped up the setting of type for newspapers, magazines and posters from the late 19th century to the 1960s and 70s, allowing much faster typesetting and composition than original hand composition in which operators place down one character at a time. Not many machines have movies made about them but have a look at this:


The Printing Museum presents a rare opportunity to learn about these machines from two of our master printers, Bill Nairn and Nat Tito.  This course will start at the very beginning and go as far as a two-day course will allow, using a range of Linotype and Intertype machines from the Museum’s collection. Participants are welcome to propose their own projects such as business or greeting cards for printing on one of our proof presses.


Due to the complexities of the machines, numbers will be limited to groups of 3 or 4.


Venue: 54 Flux Road, Mangaroa, Upper Hutt.


Date: to suit participants - proposed, either 2-3 or 9-10 May.


Cost: a special discounted rate will apply for this workshop. Members $95, non-members $120. Booklet included, Linotype Keyboard Operation and Hints to Learners.


Membership costs only $30 per annum.


Contact:  0274 444-599


NOTE: this event was previously scheduled last year with a number expressing interest. We'll contact you (if you don't first) to check if you would still like to go.


Details on the Meetup group.



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