The last barrow of concrete is placed by John Randall and Michael Curry under the supervision of Bill Nairn.

The reorganisation of The Museum’s Mangaroa premises is coming to an end. Over 30 presses and casters have been moved into the “ bunker” (above), a more secure, practical and private space for The Museum’s activities in the medium term. Alongside the new casting room there is now a small printery for production, letterpress and book arts classes or for hire.


New shelving in both the new and existing main building allows for better utilisation of space but much cleaning and sorting of parts and equipment still remains to be done. The original main building now houses the linotype casters along with larger presses such as the Wharfedale, Fuji, Heidelberg and ATF Kelly. The smaller annexe has now been vacated.


Working bees each Saturday in June should see the bulk of the work completed. The Museum hopes that both members and visitors will appreciate the results—an improved workspace for activities and a better showcase to demonstrate the potential of The Museum.





To celebrate The Museum’s 30th birthday and to give both members and their guests an opportunity to have a look around the new buildings, The Museum will hold an open day on Saturday the 25th June from 1.30 to 4.30pm. Linotype and Monotype casting will be in operation. The new Albion will be on display and with luck, in use. Some equipment (presses, type trays etc.) and publications will be available for sale.


A second open day and letterpress fair, to which the general public will be invited, will be held towards the end of the year.


The address is 54 Flux Road, Mangaroa.


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