Monotype Series L17 Calendar Sets now available


Prices (in NZ Dollars, multiply by 0.67 for US equivalent)


36pt. $75. Freight NZ $5, Australia, $25, UK/Can/USA $55

24pt  $50  Freight NZ $5, Australia, $20, UK/Can/USA $45

18pt. $35  Freight NZ $5, Australia, $15, UK/Can/USA $40


(Freight prices to be confirmed.)


Std Dimensions, width x height.

36pt. 27 x 20½pica

24pt.  18 x 14

18pt. 13½x 10½


All .918 Monotype Metal Composition 10/16/74.


The following Monotype founts are available for sale ex stock. Cost is $60 per kg plus GST. Members' discount of 10%. GST does not apply on overseas orders.



3 x Albertus Roman 36pt  A6 a10  5.8kg


2 x Caslon Roman 11/12pt A28  a74  3kg


1 x Caslon Italic 42pt  A4  a8  4.25kg


1 x Centaur Italic & Small Cap 12pt  A28  a74  2.8kg


1 x Centaur Roman 24pt A6 a12  2kg


3 x Centaur Roman 36pt lower case  a12  2kg each


2 x Garamond Roman 24pt A6 a10 2.3kg


6 x Garamond Roman 36pt A6 a10 5.4kg


1 x Garamond Italic 14pt A28 a74 3.1kg

2 x Garamond Swash 14pt 0.6kg


3 x Garamond Italic 24pt A6 a10 2.5kg

4 x Garamond Swash 24pt 1.1kg


3 x Garamond Italic 36pt A3 a5 3kg

5 x Garamond Swash 36pt 3kg


1 x Gill Sans Roman 12pt 1/2 fount 1.7kg


4 x Gill Sans Roman 14pt A14 a 38 1.75kg


4 x Modernistic 36pt A3 2.5kg


6 x Onyx Calendar 36pt Figures 0.75kg


2 x Times New Roman 10pt A14 a38 1.4kg


2 x Times New Roman 12pt A14 a38 1.75kg


1 x Times New Roman 14pt A14 a38 1.75kg



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