The Printing Museum, Wellington, is pleased to announce a letterpress Xmas card competition.




The winner of the competition will receive a one-day private course of instruction in various facets of letterpress printing such as type composition, photopolymer platemaking and presswork on a Vandercook cylinder press. With the assistance of the museum’s printers and technicians, new lead type will be cast on the Museum’s Monotype casters. A hundred cards of the winning design will be printed and folded using Crane Lettra 100%cotton 300gsm card kindly supplied by BJ Ball.




1. The format will be A5 folded to A6. Maximum two colours.

2. The design must include at least one fount of type from the Museum’s matrix library. Please refer to the museum’s          website:  www.theprintingmuseum.org.nz/foundry.html

     Display Founts (14-72pt): www.theprintingmuseum.org.nz/assets/monotype-display-founts.pdf

     Composition (≤14pt): www.theprintingmuseum.org.nz/assets/monotype-composition-founts.pdf

3. Graphic designs will be reproduced by way of photopolymer plates. For file preparation guidelines refer to  www.moanaroadpress.com/file-preparation.html

4. For extra information on file preparation and FAQ refer to: www.boxcarpress.com

5. For information on Crane Lettra, one of the most popular letterpress papers especially for deeper impressions, please refer to www.bjball.co.nz




1. This competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 years.

2. The closing date for entries is 14 November, 2015.

3. Entries by email only to info@theprintingmuseum.org.nz

4. The private course should take place in late November or early December.

5.The museum may offer some assistance with travel and accommodation if required.


A PDF is available here.





© The Printing Museum 2014




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